Fw - Cuckold Foot Licker (foot Worship)

Mistress T summons her cuckold hubby into the room and demands that he lick her feet clean. She is expecting her lover to come over any minute and she wants her dirty feet cleaned perfectly. She spits in her cuckold hubby’s face and orders him to get busy. She shoves her feet in his face and even spits in his face some more because she loves to humiliate him. He is so pathetic and doesn’t deserve anything but bad treatment from her. She eventually makes him lay on the ground and she pushes her feet in his face. Then she starts kicking him in his groin with one foot while squashing his face with the other. She tells him his cock is so useless, it deserves to be kicked. Her cuckold hubby is nothing but her foot bitch and cum cleaner.

Fw – Cuckold Foot Licker (foot Worship) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]



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