Alexis's Sisters Nylon Feet (high Def)

Alexis comes home and sees her sister Taylor sitting on the sofa in nylons again. Alexis doesn’t understand why her sister wears nylons everyday. Taylor explains how the guys love her sexy nylon legs and feet. Taylor also lets Alexis know how good her feet smell after wearing nylons all day long. Taylor takes off her shoes to show Alexis and then places them on Alexis Face. Alexis cant help but to smell. Alexis actually likes the smell and takes in big whiffs of Taylor’s nylon soles. Alexis also love the feel of her sisters feet and begins to all out worship Taylor sexy nylon feet. Alexis kisses all over Taylor’s wrinkly nylon clad feet while Taylor sits back and enjoys her sisters admiration of her sexy nylon feet.

Alexis\’s Sisters Nylon Feet (high Def) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]



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