Lick My Size 10 Feet While I Rest(hi)

Jennifer rest on her sofa with her shoes off when she wakes up to her brothers friend licking her feet. She is startled at first but it feels good so she lets him continue to lick the soles of her feet.

Lick My Size 10 Feet While I Rest(hi) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Nylon Toe Spreading Hd

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Nylon Toe Spreading Hd

I see you down there looking at my big feet in these nylons. You have a thing for nylons and stockings don’t you? I bet you love the feel and the smell of my feet in these after a long day at work. Watch me spread my long toes inside of these while you just imagine how good they smell and taste. I’ll rub my size 10 feet together and make you dream about getting inside these nylons! – Lady Bell

Nylon Toe Spreading Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Ashlyn Needs Tlc Wmv

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Ashlyn Needs Tlc Wmv

SCREEN SIZE 1280*720


Ashlyn is very pregnant, her feet are so tired of walking around carrying her huge pregnant belly, and her hormones are running wild. She is horny all the time and her boyfriend isn’t fucking her enough. Her friend Roxanne is there to be supporting, she massages Ashlyn’s feet, which she thinks are very sexy and one thing leads to another. The girls share amazing foot worship and foot sex

Ashlyn Needs Tlc Wmv – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

These Feet Are Perfection! ( Hd ) ( Ipad )

Here is a great Feet In Your Face clip with Stormy Evan’s meaty soles are in my face with her them propped up on the arm rest. I lick her bare feet and you can see her high arches and meaty soles up close. She loves having her feet worshiped. This girl was awesome and I will definitely be shooting her again soon!

These Feet Are Perfection! ( Hd ) ( Ipad ) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Taste Of Goddess Sandra's Sweat - Part 2

While she is having a cup of coffee and a cigarette after a long walk, Goddess Sandra always wants to treat her waitress with a little extra. This time it’s the scent and sweat of her feet. She spent all day in her high heel shoes and there is plenty of both. Slave girl will have her nose and mouth full!

Taste Of Goddess Sandra\’s Sweat – Part 2 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Sexy Foot Milf & 2 Foot Slaves


Sexy Foot Milf & 2 Foot Slaves – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Samantha And Chrissy Jail Foot Worship - Hq

Samantha Grace and Chrissy Daniels got swept up in a mass arrest earlier, and now sit handcuffed in their jeans while forced to go barefoot. Chrissy has a prior record, so she’s also forced to wear shackles around her ankles while awaiting the initial hearing. Chrissy also uses her knowledge of the jail system to convince Samantha on a good way to pass the time – foot worship! Chrissy claims to Samantha that the guards are watching the arrested prisoners on the cameras, and like to see the women engaging in mutual foot worship while they get are bound in cuffs and shackles. And making the guards happy leads to being processed sooner. Samantha is not really into this, she thinks this idea is crazy, but also wants to get out of handcuffs, and out of jail as soon as possible, so she’s willing to suck some toes if that’s what it takes.Will the ladies get what they expect?This is a high resolution, 3.0 mbps, video that provides outstanding picture and sound quality.

Samantha And Chrissy Jail Foot Worship – Hq – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

My Personal Footslave (wmv) Fullversion

The mistress is bored and wants to have fun with her footslave, while she smokes a cigarette, the slave lick their shoes.Then she gives him an intense footjob. The slave is tied down to the back, he lies to his mistress feet.She puts her toes in her mouth where it must suck as she makes him crazy with a footjob.Alternatively it must suck her toes and lick her soles.The slave can not take it anymore and squirts on her foot.

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Intense Wet Pussy Foot Licking(hi)

Maddison and her guy friend are just hanging out watching movies on a Saturday night. Maddision takes a shower and come out to watch the rest of the movie. Her foot guy friend loves her feet. So he starts to lick her feet as she rubs her wet pussy. Her size 6 feet taste so good that the miss the movie do to intense foot worship.

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Alexa Pays For Her Stay Mp4

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Alexa Pays For Her Stay Mp4

SCREEN SIZE 1280*720

Alexa had to find a new place to stay after breaking up with her boyfriend. Esmi is letting Alexa stay with her until she can get back on her feet. The thing is that nothing is free and Esmi has a wile foot obsession. She seduces Alexa, letting her know that it is part of the price of staying with her for free

She has Alexa begin worshiping her beautiful little feet and telling her just how she likes it. She starts to worship Alexa’s feet and it continues to get more sexual until the girls end up naked and

Alexa Pays For Her Stay Mp4 – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]